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Success Stories

ABB Group

The ABB Group, global leader in power and automation technologies, has developed a Loss Map in New Zealand that is enabling major industrial clients in more than 20 countries to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. learn more

Bay of Plenty regional council

With 34 Maori tribes and 142 sub-tribes, the Bay of Plenty regional council has the largest and densest population of Maori tribes in the country. With these numbers, the council’s Maori Policy Adviser Trevor Himona has a tough job in hand, dealing with complex negotiations that the New Zealand government has asked regional councils to address. learn more

Bike New Zealand

BikeNZ aligned the power of the mind alongside muscle power and endurance in a quest to double New Zealand’s cycling medal tally at the London Olympics. The organisation used the technique of mind mapping to hone and refine a three-year High Performance Plan targeted at winning medals at the 2012 Olympics in London. learn more

Hunter Water plugs drain on funds

The problem: The company needed a highly interactive visual tool to help staff understand large amounts of technical data. The process: It installed US-developed MindManager software from Mindjet. The result: It has a tool that delivers high-level presentations and enhances group interactions. learn more


As head of New Zealand-based PsychoTactics (, Sean consults with large corporations as well as medium sized and small companies. He also writes books, articles and speeches. He runs workshops, creates educational audio tapes and holds teleclasses. Underpinning all this activity is Mindjet MindManager software that visually connects ideas, information and people to save time, improve business processes and drive innovation. learn more

Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec)

Infotech students at Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec), in New Zealand,are being exposed to the intricacies of mind-mapping – not because it’s part of their syllabus but because a nucleus of senior academics are enthusiasts. learn more